New Feature

The Haiti Collaborative website is adding a new feature. We want to hear from organizations and individuals working in Haiti about their experiences, successes, frustrations and suggestions (and even failures if you’re willing to share them). We will post those responses as well as contact links for the authors. So please feel free to send us ………. READ MORE


Read about one of our partners: 


Build Change is a non‐profit social enterprise which focuses on saving lives in earthquakes an typhoons. They use local solutions and work with affected communities to design, build, and rebuild disaster‐resistant homes and schools. READ MORE HERE


Commentary from a Haitian


Imagine watching the world cup final game, second half just started, and suddenly, Blackout! No electricity. This has been my life for several years until inverters and generators became affordable to certain families like mine. Yet most families have not reached this level and cannot afford these tools. Interestingly I’ve noticed a strange thing about the blackout, which has surprisingly taken me to its bright side. Stick with me and in the following lines you’ll discover how bright the dark can be.  READ MORE