New Feature

The Haiti Collaborative website is adding a new feature. We want to hear from organizations and individuals working in Haiti about their experiences, successes, frustrations and suggestions (and even failures if you’re willing to share them). We will post those responses as well as contact links for the authors. So please feel free to send us …More

Khan Academy anyone?

I’ve recently been poking around the Khan Academy website. I really like their formula where the learning can be adjusted to different levels and can be self administered. I also like that it doesn’t depend, necessarily, on teachers but utilizes parents, coaches as well as the learners themselves to direct the experience. I wonder how useful …More


We want to give a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has recently registered on the website. Please feel free to email us as to what you would like to see included on the website or a topic for the forum. Also, if you have an favorite organization that works in Haiti and want them …More


Welcome to The Haiti Collaborative website. We hope to become a resource for those interested in the future of Haiti. As the site matures there will be spotlights on individuals and organizations who contribute to the betterment of Haiti. Please register and tell the community about yourself. In time we will include a bulletin board for …More