About Build Change (International)

- Build Change is a non‐profit social enterprise which focuses on saving lives in earthquakes an typhoons. They use local solutions and work with affected communities to design, build, and rebuild disaster‐resistant homes and schools. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to see how they are permanently improving construction practices around the world.

- Technology, Money, and People. These are the things that stand in the way of safe construction. Build Change is a non‐profit social enterprise working to overcome each of these barriers to build a more resilient world. Focusing on post‐disaster reconstruction and pre‐disaster mitigation, Build Change is permanently changing construction practices through building local knowledge, demand, and funding for safer homes and schools.

-Build Change is an international non‐profit social enterprise that designs earthquake‐resistant homes and schools and trains builders, homeowners, engineers, and government officials to build them. Build Change’s award‐winning design and capacity building programs in pre‐ and post‐disaster reconstruction programs in Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines have improved nearly 50,000 buildings. In addition, Build Change has supported more than 171 small‐ and medium‐ sized enterprises (SMEs) who produce bricks and blocks in fabricating high‐quality materials that meet minimum standards for safe construction. As a result of Build Change’s multifaceted approach to permanent change in the construction industry, more than 245,000 people are living and learning in safer homes and schools worldwide.

About Build Change (Haiti)

- Since the earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010, Build Change has been working with the construction sector, homeowners, NGOs, and government offices in Haiti to provide post‐earthquake reconstruction assistance. Since then, Build Change has been designing earthquake‐resistant housing, and training local homeowners, engineers, builders and government representatives to build them safely.

Build Change has become the leading implementer of homeowner‐driven retrofitting and reconstruction in Haiti, having built and retrofitted more homeowner‐driven houses than any other agency. Through Build Change’s technical assistance, 7200 individuals now live in 1500 safe and permanent homes.

Build Change’s program in Haiti offers multiple services, including:

  • Technical assistance and formal training for homeowners, builders, and engineers;
  • Training for block manufacturers to improve the quality of blocks produced;
  • Technical support for The Ministry of Public Works MTPTC; and
  • Development of technical and material resources on earthquake‐resistant construction techniques

Between 2010 and 2015, Build Change’s program in Haiti has:

  • Allowed more than 7 200 people to live in permanent safer houses and reinforced knowledge on disaster‐resistant construction for more than 4 300 homeowners
  • Trained more than 2 500 builders and 145 engineers in the basics of safe construction
  • Developed and executed several safe, permanent new or retrofitted housing solutions
  • Provided technical assistance for more than 1 500 homes » Retrofitted the capacity of 171 Small‐ and Medium‐ Enterprise block manufacturers
  • Reviewed structural designs for 16 schools to ensure their safety
  • Conducted nearly 2 300 site evaluations and provided designs for 2 000 permanent new and retrofitted houses

Contact Information

535 16th St, Suite 605
Denver, CO 80202

Web: www.buildchange.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/buildchange
Twitter: @BuildChangeNews

Rue Casseus #16, Pacot
Port‐au‐Prince, Haiti
+509 2813‐1497

Aline Séjourné
Director of Programs and Partnerships

Artha Simon
Fund and Partnership Development Officer