Khan Academy anyone?

I’ve recently been poking around the Khan Academy website. I really like their formula where the learning can be adjusted to different levels and can be self administered. I also like that it doesn’t depend, necessarily, on teachers but utilizes parents, coaches as well as the learners themselves to direct the experience. I wonder how useful it would be to have the lessons translated into Haitian Creole.

It would be a significant undertaking to lobby for the Khan Academy to make lessons available in Creole, but would it be worth it? Imagine if these lessons were available on computer tablets that students could use during and after school. Consider the possibilities for after school programs where the mentor doesn’t have to possess the curriculum knowledge base to help to students but only guidance and motivation. The courses could be downloaded from the internet at a distant location on cheap flash drives and then transported to schools and programs where it could be uploaded to tablets. The tablets could be charged with solar power where electricity is scarce and there are programs already in place to do so: shed a light on Haiti , Inveneo library indigogo campaign

There is a thread on this topic in the forum section. Please add your thoughts.

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